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Top 10 Connected Security Solution Companies - 2018

In the last few years, the umbrella term ‘IoT’ has gained massive traction in several industries including healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, and consumer goods. Today, the majority of connected security solution providers are leveraging IoT to enable enterprises with operational improvements, logistics and supply chain gains, and meeting the ever-changing customer needs. The growth has become so massive that the number of connected devices has reached unprecedented counts and is expected to outnumber the world population in the days ahead.

Albeit the possibilities of connected devices are limitless, the risks involved in IoT devices are alike, and it remains a primary concern among business leaders. As a consequence, the tech-savvy CIOs, digital security experts, and IoT developers are focusing on building devices with end-to-end security that can render seamless business operations in a diversely connected environment and keep them off threats and breaches. From secured design to 360-degree security assessment, connected security solution companies are continually working to bring best practices to support the growth of IoT devices. For instance, several companies are seen using blockchain for decentralized IoT security and AI for IoT systems protection. The requirements of each enterprise are different, and owing to the presence of a vast range of connected security solutions, companies remain in a dilemma to choose a solution that meets their business objectives.

To assist decision makers in finding the right connected security solutions, a distinguished selection panel of MDs, VPs, CEOs, CMOs, and Directors from the sector and the editorial board of Enterprise Security Magazine has selected the leading connected security solutions providers.

We have considered the vendor’s ability to building solutions and services that can play a significant role in addressing the connected security needs of organizations. On that note, we present you the “Top 10 Connected Security Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top Connected Security Solution Companies

  • Today, companies have an infinite number of websites, servers, mobile devices, and applications which require secure digital identities. A dynamic and automated PKI solution is necessary to protect digital identities against threats and manage both public and private certificates. Sectigo, formerly known as Comodo CA, is the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and a leading connected security solution provider. The company provides web security solutions enabling companies worldwide to secure their identities, connected devices, and web presence. Sectigo offers a multi-layer defense against rising and more sophisticated web-based threats across websites, infrastructure, cloud, and devices, from the smallest websites to the most prominent brands. The company delivers web security solutions through an ethical operation, an inclusive and diverse global workforce, and a continuous focus on its partners, customers, and employees.

  • Companies endure malicious trespasses daily on the corporate network, employee computers, and cloud. Therefore, they spend millions on IT upgrades, insurance premiums, and compliance fines annually; these costs can be cut down by employing the BlackTIE encryption technology of Cyphre. Cyphre is a connected security solution company that establishes disruptive data protection innovations by enhancing industry standard encryption protocols with BlackTIE technology. This technology supplements vulnerable single encryption keys with hardware-encrypted black keys to nullify hacks, breaches, and other cybersecurity threats. The company delivers encryption solutions and digital data protection for finance, energy, and healthcare markets. Secure integration with IoT devices and applications, encrypted cloud storage and enterprise collaboration, and the enterprise cloud encryption gateway are some of the services that Cyphre offers.

  • The interaction and online activities are increasing tremendously with digitalization leading to the generation of a massive amount of personal data. This creates ample opportunities for service providers, but at the same time, it could be threatened by the growing number of data breaches. Gemalto is an international connected security solution provider that provides secure personal devices, software applications, and managed services for companies and governments. The focus of Gemalto is on two core areas: digital identification and data protection which counter the two root causes of cyber attacks, unencrypted data, and identity theft. The company delivers technologies to businesses that help them authenticate identities and protect data.

  • Olympus Sky Technologies is a connected security solution company that offers Zeus security suite which configures, organizes, and manages communications security and network assets in a delineated and autonomous model utilizing virtual, security clusters. The company protects “Data-in-Flight” through the Zeus which is an end-to-end IoT decentralized network security solution. It lowers the total cost of ownership while maintaining robust security across the edges of the network. Zeus is an elegant, simple, and highly efficient solution that provides improved security via high cryptographic entropy, high-frequency refreshing of security credentials, and never sharing trusted information inside or outside the network.

  • Security Innovation is bridging the application security gap with risk management optimization. The connected security solution company helps organizations to build and deploy more secure software by making them understand the security risks of their software systems and facilitate the process and software required changes to mitigate them. The technical analysis and sound knowledge of the business processes of Security Innovation offer solutions which bridge the gap between risk management optimization and application security holes. It provides software risk solutions to companies by analyzing application vulnerabilities and risk.

  • Inside Secure

    Inside Secure

    Due to the vulnerability and valuable data of smartphones, they are the easy and prime target for hackers. The connected security solution provider Inside Secure offers silicon IP and tools to protect customers’ transactions, content, applications, and communications. The company provides products that have differentiated and advanced technical capabilities which reach the entire range of security requirement levels to serve the demanding markets of network security, content and application protection, IoT security, and mobile payment and banking. The vulnerability of IoT devices encourages hackers to focus their attacks on these devices. The technology of Inside Secure gives solutions for a broad range of customers including content distributors, service providers, device vendors, security system integrators, and semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Karamba Security

    Karamba Security

    Connected autonomous vehicles has changed mobility and lives of people. This transformation is a signal of the world of connected embedded devices (IOT) and manufacturing and also a growing risk of cyber attacks. Karamba Security is a connected security solution company that provides cybersecurity for critical infrastructure networks to monitor real-time networks and security gateways of devices in dangerous zones. Karamba assures negligible performance impact by preventing zero-day cyberattacks with zero false positives. Karamba technology has been seamlessly integrated into the lifecycle of software development that fits modern vehicle and IoT architectures. It prevents attacks from targeting autonomous cars by automatically sealing electronic control units (ECUs) and car networks.

  • Radiflow


    Radiflow offers cybersecurity for critical infrastructure networks. The solutions of Radiflow offers operators with visibility and control of their OT network that includes both security gateways to secure access to devices in critical zones and non-intrusive Industrial IDS to monitor real-time networks. The company provides connected security solutions for critical industrial automation networks such as power utilities, water facilities, and chemical plants. The security tool-set of the company validates the behavior of both machine-to-machine applications and human-to-machine sessions in distributed operational networks. The security solutions of the company are available both as a non-intrusive intrusion detection system and as in-line gateways for remote sites that can be deployed per site or centrally. The solutions of the company are sold as either a standalone security solution by local channel partners or integrated into a wider end-to-end solution of global automation vendors.

  • Tala Secure

    Tala Secure

    TalaSecure develops easy to apply IoT device security solutions covering every point of vulnerability. The connected security solution company provides IoT device security that is comprehensive, easy to integrate and end to end solution, affordable, and scalable to millions of devices. TalaSecure handles the security for the full lifecycle of IoT devices starting from the pre-manufacturing phase by downloading device agent and services to handle manufacturing and continuous security from the backend. TalaSecure also upgrades the security of devices in the field through cellular connectivity.



    The connected security solution provider Zymbit works with IoT developers and OEMs to build trust into devices and data streams. The company makes embedded security modules which are easy to integrate, scale and deploy. The products of Zymbit are used by professional developers to secure their IP, data, and credentials from the cyber-physical threats of the real world. It specializes in IoT security, encryption, cyber security, Ethereum, blockchain, CISO, DevOps, Infosec, Bitcoin, TPM, and HSM. The company provides security modules such as multi-factor device identity, physical tamper detection, data encryption & signing, key generation & storage, ultra-low power operation, and OEM custom features which solve the particular cyber plus physical security needs of unattended IoT devices.